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Taga Taisha Shrine

Taga Taisha Shrine has long attracted visitors from across Japan, devoted as it is to the god of long life and relationships. Known by the nickname "Otaga-san," the street that runs from the large torii gate by the station all the way to the shrine itself is lined with shops selling gifts and souvenirs. The cherry blossoms in the spring and crimson leaves in the fall are also worth seeing, and a selection of other famous spots are located nearby, including Hikone-jo Castle, the three Koto Sanzan temples and Lake Biwa, all of which helps to bring in 1.7 million visitors per year.

As a folk song “if you visit Ise, then why not Taga? Ise is a child of Taga” means in Taga Taisha Shrine, Izanagi and Izanami, the parents of Amaterasu Oomikami, the main God at Ise Grand Shrine, are enshrined.

Trip Reports :

Address Taga, Taga Town, Inukami District, Shiga
Opening Hours 8:30 - 16:30
Inquiries +81-749-48-1101
Access Public transportation
Ohmi Railway Taga Line Taga Taisha-mae Station 10 min. on foot

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