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Shiga is next to Kyoto and is easily accessible from the JR Kyoto station.

  • In just 20 minutes you can be relaxing in a hot spring.
  • In just 46 minutes you can be viewing a castle.
  • In just one hour, you can be trying ninjutsu for yourself.
  • In just 80 minutes, you can be enjoying the ceramic arts.

Travelers can come directly from Kyoto tourist areas.

It's easy and convenient to travel from central Kyoto to Shiga Prefecture.

Take the train headed for Hama-Otsu at the Sanjo-Keihan Station near the Heian Jingu shrine and you can board the Michigan showboat for a cruise 23 minutes later.

It is also possible to go direct from the Demachiyanagi Station near the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden to Hieizan Enryakuji.

The primary tourist areas of Shiga Prefecture are easily accessible from the Sanjo-Keihan Station.

Direct access from Kansai International Airport.

There is direct access between Shiga Prefecture and Kansai International Airport.

Board the JR Haruka special express at the airport and arrive in Otsu 86 minutes later.