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Oct. 2019

An Introduction to Facilities Supporting Muslim Visitors to Shiga

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In order to allow those of the Islamic faith to also enjoy travelling within Shiga Prefecture, here’s an introduction to some of the prefecture’s facilities that support Muslim visitors.

Shiga Mosque
There’s a mosque in Kusatsu City, Shiga, found in a normal residential home.

Mt. Hakodateyama Ski Resort
As the number of Islamic visitors continue to increase, this year a new prayer room has been created. It is located on the west side of the summit station for the gondola going up Mt. Hakodateyama.

Satoyu Mukashibashi Yuzanso
The hot spring hotel Satoyu Mukashibashi Yuzanso, located in Ogoto Onsen in Otsu City, has acquired halal certification. They have plans that combine halal cooking for Muslims with lodgings.

Hieiyuba Moriyama
“Yuba,” made from the skin of boiled soybean milk, is a vital component of Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. Hieiyuba, a store making this specialty of Shiga, has halal certification and creates yuba that Muslims can eat.

Here’s an introduction to restaurants that can provide halal food.

Indian Restaurant RAJU

Halal Café Cheema Aunty