8. Junmai Daiginjo Fujikura "Dokan" / Ohta Shuzo Brewery

The Ota family can trace their family tree back to one Dokan Ota, a samurai and Buddhist monk from the 15th century. They are said to have started this sake brewery after the end of the old feudal system in order to make use of the high-quality Omi rice harvested from their large number of rice fields.

Developing into a fully-fledged brewery as a result, they continue to send delicious sake out into the world today.


Junmai Daiginjo is a A levels Sake, its special designations are specified by the Japanese government, and also a all Sake brewery's best offering.

Ohta Shuzo Brewery offers "Dokan" which includes beautiful wooden box making it ideal for a special gift. Price would be 720ml : 2100 yen, 1800ml : 5,500 yen ex.tax and shipping fee etc.


Visit their website to see more Sake products : http://www.ohta-shuzou.co.jp/

They are happy to selling for overseas customers, so please contact via e-mail with following details : got1641@ohta-shuzou.co.jp


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