9. Kyokujitsu "Kirara" / Fujii Honke Sake Brewery

Fujii Honke Sake Brewery was established in 1831 and sole brewery to make and provide sacred Sake to the Japanese Imperial Court and shrine all over Japan because of the Inperial Niiname Harvest Festival.

04981s.jpgLake Biwa is surrounded by mountains and is known as one of the ancient lakes of the World, It's unique geographic character makes the local weather and water ideal for sake brewing and rice cultivation.


This sake called "Kyokujitsu Kirara" made by very traditional ways and it was a gift for world leaders at G20 summit held in Osaka, 2019.

Also, Their Sakagura Brewery building is registered Tangible Cutural Property, it 700 years old! Over 8000 visitors a year come to Sakagura Brewery tours to learn how to make Sake traditionally.


Fujii Honke Sake Brewery offers international shipping. For more details, please contact them by email using the following template.

E-mai : info@fujiihonke.jp

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