7. Spiral Stich Handle Bag / Kobo IMURA

Are you looking for a unique and high-quality handbag?

DSC_0269 (1).jpg

Kobo IMURA creates tailor-made handbags featuring a beautiful spiral stich on the handles.

All the handbags was made by locally famous artisan called Ms Imura.

DSC_0266.jpgMost unique one is a "Biwa Leather Bag" and inspired by waves of Lake Biwa, Shiga prefecture.

Well-crafted, light and roomy and come with a shoulder strap. The perfect handbag for daily use.

スパイラルびわレザー.jpgPlease visit their website to browsing another type of handdbags : https://atelier-imura.jp/

They are happy to selling for overseas customers, so please contact via e-mail with following details : imura@mx.bw.dream.jp

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