5. SHIRONEKO / The OMI Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd

There are some different types of sake, and the following special designations are specified by the Japanese government. It depends on rice polishing or alcohol level, name will be different as "Dai-ginjo shu", "Ginjo shu" and "Junmai shu".



But this Shironeko offers Ginjo-shu, which means a sake with toned down acidity levels. This type of sake is perfect for first time sake drinkers.


The japanese word "shironeko" itself means white cat in Japanese, but why this Sake called "white cats"? From ancient time, there are so many mice in the Sake brewery. As everybody knows, cats love to catch mice. Almost Sake breweries are protected by this natural hunters against mice problem.


Ideal gift for cat lovers!

720㎖ 1,380円
300㎖ 680円
ex. tax and shipping fee

Website : http://www.shigasakari.com/

E-mail : omi@shigasakari.jp or shigasakari@gmail.com

They are happy to selling for overseas customers, so please contact via e-mail with following details.


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