1. Unagi-Chazuke / Nishitomo Co., Ltd

Have you ever eaten eel?

Eel called "Unagi" in Japanese and very popular to eat in early summer.
If you like sushi or smoked salmon, you will love smoked eel.

The one of famous "Unagi" eel restaurant called Nishitomo in Takashima city, Shiga prefecture.


Nishitomo is a restaurant specializing in eel and river fish cuisine. Be sure to check out their Unagi-Chazuke, a unique eel pack catered for individuals who have never tried Unagi before.


Unagi is known for its unique flavor palate, but also for its high price. Costly to produce, Nishitomo have set out to create an affordable way to experience and savor grilled eel.

They are happy to selling for all over the world, so please contact via e-mail : support@nishitomo.co.jp


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