2. Lake Biwa Suncatcher / B&M Techno Service Co., Ltd

A suncatcher is a small reflective ornament and very popular especially in Europe.
Most suncatchers may include glass and be hung indoors near a window to "catch" sunlight.

Based next to the picturesque Lake Biwa is B&M Techno Service, Ltd where they offer accessories inspired by Japan's largest freshwater lake.

20180617_1.jpgTheir suncatchers are using some small Biwa pearl, this pearls are freshwater pearl made in Lake Biwa. Enjoy the beautiful blue hues of Lake Biwa's waters from B&M Techno Service's colourful designs.

B&M Techno Service is also selling more Lake Biwa series products, so please visit their website to see it : https://toharu8888.base.shop/

For more information, please contacct via e-mail : kitamura@bamts.co.jp


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