Chance to stay in Japan Heritage site

A unique chance to stay in a beautiful traditional accommodation in Japan Heritage town called "Gokashouchou Town", Higashi-Omi city, Shiga prefecture. This event will be held only ONE DAY!


This small town located in East side of Lake Biwa, inside the Higashi-Omi city. The Gokashocho Town is a region with strong links to the Omi Merchants (Omi-Shonin).

This town has been designated a Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings, as well as a Japan Heritage site in 2015.

Walking these fascinating streets will reveal a refined atmosphere, with clean water flowing through the waterways where vari-colored carp swim elegantly. In the region there are also three Omi Merchant houses open to the public, allowing you to see how these famous businessmen lived.

Lets's explore 3 traditonal Omi Merchants house.

CIMG4206.JPGThis well-maintained house was Mr Shigeru Tonomura's house, build in 1901. This house will transform as a Japanese traditional restaurant to serve your lunch.


Garden design is an important Japanese art form that has been refined for more than 1000 years, also it's important for Omi Merchants' house.

DSCF2190.JPGDSCF2194.JPGThis garden to provide beauty, relaxation and inspiration for busy successful businessman as a Omi Merchants.

Let's see where to stay as your accommodation.

DSCF2233.JPGFancy a Sake from local brewery? Enjoy your night with your special to Kanpai (cheers) with Sake here.

Omi (Shiga) has been a thoroughfare across land and water for many years, and with the mountainous slopes also giving rise to an abundance of pure, clean water, many sake breweries have flourished here. Shiga Prefecture is truly perfectly situated for the production of sake.

DSCF2215.JPGNight time will be illuminated in this garden.


Wanna stay in this historic house? Must book in advance :

Finally, we went to Mr Jungoro Nakae's hoouse.

DSCF2241.JPGThis traditional house will be transform into accommodation as a hotel for just ONE DAY.

DSCF2247.JPGDSCF2251.JPGOmi Merchant lived here with their families, but recent years it has become a spot often used for filming TV programm.

Wanna stay in this house as your accommodation? Must book in advance :

How to get there :

Address Gokasho Kondo-cho, Higashi-Omi City, Shiga
Opening Hours 9:30 - 16:30
Closed: Mon, day after national holidays, New Year period
Inquiries Higashi Omi Tourist Association
Access Public transportation
Ohmi Railway Main Line Gokasho Station 30 min. on foot
5 min. walk after alighting at the "Plaza Sanpo Yoshi" bus stop

JR Biwako Line Notogawa Station 10 min. by bus
5 min. walk after alighting at the "Plaza Sanpo Yoshi" bus stop