How to Be Beautiful in Shiga

In Aishou Town, Shiga prefecture, there is a shrine called Toyomitsu Jinja Shrine.

IMG_20180313_162822.jpgBelieve or not, this shrine is well known for beauty effect!


At the side of the path is a purification trough (temizuya) where visitors cleanse themselves and the office that administrates the shrine (shamusho). First, you can feel "LOVE" with this water.

Next, you must touch this tree.

IMG_20180313_163324.jpgThe benefits are : become a beauty skin, perfect body and beautiful legs ... etc.

IMG_20180313_163626.jpgYou must visit if you want to become a beautiful.

Toyomitsu Shrine, 392 Toyomitsu, Aishou Town, Echi-gun, Shiga prefecture 529-1321 Japan

Public transport : 15 min walk from Echigawa station, Ohmi Testudo line