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Tsuruki Soba Hieizan

Mt. Hieizan is the location of Hieizan Enryakuji Temple, a World Cultural Heritage site. Tsuruki Soba got their start close to 300 years ago at the base of Mt. Hieizan, in the temple town of Sakamoto, and have been producing soba noodles ever since. Using domestically produced soba powder and unique methods that emphasize bringing out the best of the ingredients and the texture of the noodles, the flavor of this long-standing brand remains unchanged to this day.

Address 4220 Sakamotohonmachi, Otsu City, Shiga
Opening Hours 9:30 - 16:30
Open every day
Inquiries Otsu, Hieizan, Daikodo/Otsu, Hieizan, Warodo (Ichigu Kaikan)
Access Public transportation
Immediately on foot from Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

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