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Aikyo-no-Mori (Aikyo Forest) is located amid a natural pine forest that spreads along the Shibukogawa River, a tributary of the Echigawa River. It’s facilities allow you to enjoy camping, barbeque and river bathing. They offer a full range of rental gear, meaning you can show up empty handed and still have fun. The Shibukogawa River that flows alongside the camp site also throngs with people enjoying ravine fishing or river bathing.

Address 1563 Wanami-cho, Higashi-Omi City, Shiga
Opening Hours 8:30 - 17:00
Inquiries +81-748-27-2009
Access Public transportation
Ohmi Railway Yokaichi Line Yokaichi Station 35 min. by bus
10 min. walk after alighting at the "Eigenji Mae" bus stop

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