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Poké Lids Installed in Otsu City, Shiga

Poké Lids are covers for utility holes that feature designs from the popular anime Pokémon, with each individual cover having its own original design that is unique in all the world. Two of these Poké Lids have now been installed in Otsu City, Shiga, marking the first time that these special covers have reached the Kansai region.

The two Poké Lids placed on the banks of Lake Biwa both feature the Pokémon Gyarados. Staff from the company that produced the covers commented, “we want people to enjoy these Poké Lids while thinking about why Gyarados was chosen as the Pokemon for Otsu City, Shiga.”

The two Poké Lids have been installed in the following locations.
・Otsu Lakeside Nagisa Park, Festival Square (vicinity of Otsu Port)
・Otsu Lakeside Nagisa Park, Sunshine Beach (beside Omi Bridge)

A Poké Stop is intended to be placed close to the Poké Lids, a location that can be used in the location-based smartphone game Pokémon Go to obtain items and gifts.

If you check both Wi-Fi spots and Tax free, this pin will be displayed in spots that have both.

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