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Tonda Puppet Hall

The origins of Tonda Ningyokan date back to the 6th year of Tenpo (1835). A traveling puppet troupe from Awa faced difficulties due to heavy snow while performing in northern Tonda. They left all their puppets and tools behind as collateral for their return journey. As they did not return to claim these belongings, the residents of Tonda took possession of them. Yoshida Kingo, a puppeteer from Osaka, was invited to train the locals, who practiced the art diligently. By the 7th year of Meiji, they earned official recognition as an independent puppet troupe, and the art is now recognized as an intangible folk cultural asset of Shiga Prefecture. The puppet plays, passed down through generations, are now a prominent folk art in Biwa-cho. At Tonda Ningyokan, visitors can watch the puppet theaters as well as their rigorous practice sessions.

Address 758 Tonda-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga
Access Public transportation
JR Biwako Line Nagahama Station 15 min. by taxi (car)
Highway (Hokuriku Expressway):
20 minutes from Nagahama I.C.
10 minutes from Odanijo Smart I.C.

National Route 8:
・From Nagahama
Turn left at the northern end of Mawatari Bridge and continue for 2 km.
・From Kinomoto
Turn right at the Ogura four-way intersection and continue for 1.5 km.

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