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Moriyama Spring and Fireflies

Moriyama City is an alluvial plain that was created by sand and soil carried by the Yasu River, and long ago the underground water that bubbled up from almost everywhere was effectively used in both agriculture and everyday life. Many forms of life also dwell in these clean waters; in particular among them are the genji-botaru (Luciola cruciate) species of firefly, which was designated the first national natural treasure in 1924. The degradation of the water environment and other factors almost caused the fireflies to be wiped out, but the citizens came together with town planning initiatives that helped them to revive. Here the banks of the clear water and the lives of the people are perfectly intertwined.
Photo by Shuichi Nishiyama

Address 10 Miyakecho, Moriyama, 524-0051
Opening Hours 9:00 - 16:30
[Closed] Tuesdays, days after holidays, and year end period
(12/28 - 1/4)
Inquiries Moriyama Institute of Firefly's Woods
Access Public transportation
JR Biwako Line Moriyama by bus
Shimin Horu Mae

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