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Enman-in Monzeki

A temple with more 1000 years of history, founded in the later Heian period (794-1185). The temple was transferred here from the Imperial Palace in Kyoto and is a national important cultural asset.
Special memorial services are held on the second Sunday and 18th day of each month. Experiences in Japanese culture are offered, including tea ceremony, meditation and the copying of scriptures, and it is also possible to stay in the monk’s lodgings.

Address 33 Onjojicho, Otsu City
Inquiries 077-522-3690
Access Public transportation
JR Tokaido Main Line  Otsu 20 min. on foot

Keihan Electric Railway Ishiyama Sakamoto Line Miidera 10 min. on foot
8 minutes from Meishin Kyoto Higashi IC.

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