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Hyakusaiji Temple

Hyakusai-ji is the oldest temple in Omi. It was founded by Prince Shotoku in the year 606, more than 1400 years ago. It was created at the mid-point of Mt. Oshitate (771.8 m) for the sake of visitors from the Korean kingdom of Baekje, and drew inspiration from a temple in that nation that was called Ryu’un-ji in Japanese. Hyakusai-ji is located along the 35th parallel north, facing west; 880 kilometers away in that direction, beyond the other temples of Tarabo, Hieizan, and Jirobo (Mt. Kuraya), there lay the kingdom of Baekje. Many Korean visitors are said to have prayed at the temple while thinking of their distant homeland. Furthermore, climbing the stone temple path leads to an appreciation garden known for its spectacular view out over the world below. This is also a famous spot for fall scenery, with the crimson leaves spreading across the mountains of Hiei and Suzuka creating a stunning backdrop.

Address 323 Hyakusaijicho, Higashiomi
Opening Hours 8:00 - 17:00
Viewing the temple treasures requires an advance appointment
Access Public transportation
Ohmi Railway Yokaichi Line Yokaichi Station 30 min. by bus
Hyakusaiji Honbo-mae

JR Biwako Line Notogawa Station 30 min. by taxi (car)
12 minutes by car from Yokaichi Interchange on the Meishin Expressway

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