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Nov. 2018

A Sea of Clouds at Mysterious Onyudani-toge

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The “sea of clouds” is a phenomena you can only see on cold, early mornings during November, at the start of winter. Onyudani-toge in Takashima City, Shiga is known as a particularly mysterious spot to view the sea of clouds.
If you get lucky you may even be able to capture the perfect photo of this incredible sight.
All due care should be taken as cold mornings from November onward can cause the road surface to freeze.

Address: Kutsuki Onyudani, Takashima shi, Shiga Prefecture, 520-1443
Access: Approx. 90 mins by car from JR Adogawa Station, approx. 60 mins by car from Roadside Station Kutsuki Shin-Honjin