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Nov. 2018

Enjoy the Changing of the Leaves in Shiga! (1)

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Many people enjoy the changing of the leaves during fall in Japan, and Shiga Prefecture has many spots famous for their crimson foliage. Numerous events, including illuminations, are also held during this period. Come to Shiga to see the leaves!

Hieizan Enryakuji - The Maple of Hiei
Until November 25
The leaves at Yokogawa are said to be particularly special, even for Mt. Hiei, and a variety of events are held here.

Hiyoshitaisha Maple Festival
November 1 - 30, 2018
As well as illuminations of the leaves during this period, there are also performances for Noh and Kyogen theater and a chrysanthemum exhibition.

Kotosanzan Original Goshuin Paper
Special Goshuin stamped paper can be purchased for \500 until December 2018.