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Aug. 2018

Get a taste of Shiga’s sake (Japanese alcohol)!

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The water culture built up around Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, has combined with Shiga’s long-standing renown as a rice producing region to establish a wide range of delicious local sake! Why not take tour of some breweries and compare different type of sake for yourself?

Fujii Honke
A brewery that has existed since the Edo period, and even offer free tours. (Reservation required)
793 Nagano, Aisho Town, Echigun, Shiga, 529-1303
TEL: +81-749-42-2080

Mifuku Shuzo
A brewery with 100 years of history. Their tours and sake sampling sessions are particularly well received.
3-2 Minakuchicho Nishihayashiguchi, Koka, Shiga, 528-0025
TEL: +81-748-62-1113

Kawashima Shuzo
A brewery located in Kabata, a town known for its beautiful water. The tour includes a video featuring an English explanation.
83 Asahi, Shin Asahi-cho, Takashima City, Shiga, 520-1501
TEL: +81-740-25-2202