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Jul. 2018

Tobidashi Boy - Making Japanese Roads Safer for Children

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Have you ever seen a sign on the sidewalk in Japan that looks like a boy about to dash out into the road? This concept was created with the intention of preventing accidents due to children running into the road and being hit by cars, by helping to keep drivers alert of the risks. The resulting “dashing boys” are known by many names all across Japan, but they originated in Shiga Prefecture. While they have become a more common sight in western Japan, and especially the Kanto region, Shiga still boasts the largest number of them anywhere in the country.

A variety of different designs are used, each representing the characteristics of their home area. There’s even merchandise available relating to them! How about picking up a really striking gift unique to the region?

While visiting Shiga, make sure to take the time to stop and take photos with all the different signs you can find!