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Jun. 2018

Become Beautiful in Shiga

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Life expectancy in Shiga Prefecture is the highest in Japan for men, and fourth in Japan for women. While seeking the secrets to longer life, then, women also come to seek beauty. Here’s an introduction to some literal beauty spots in Shiga!

Toyomitsu-jinja Shrine
Popular as a power spot among women seeking beauty. Muku trees of around 300 years old stand like beautiful women’s legs, and touching them is said to bring you blessings of beautiful skin and legs.
They are also known as “confession trees,” with the power to make people speak honestly about things they wouldn’t normally say when standing between the roots.

392 Toyomitsu, Aisho Town, Echigun, Shiga, 529-132
Telephone: +81-749-42-3448

Ogoto Onsen
Ogoto Onsen was opened by Saicho, the great Buddhist teacher of Mt. Hiei, and is the closest hot spring area to Kyoto. The waters are effective for nerve pain, muscle pain, sensitivity to cold, recovery from exhaustion, and skin beautification. All of the inns and hotels in Ogoto Onsen use water direct from the source, without diluting it with other water.