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Oct. 2017

Japanese Hatsumode in Shiga

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Hatsumode is the first visit made to a shrine or temple at the start of the year, to pray for happiness in the year ahead.

◆Taga Taisha Shrine
A shrine that has attracted worshippers since ancient times due to its connections to the god of long life, relationships and warding off disaster. The premiere shrine in Shiga, the god Izanagi and goddess Izanami, who were the parents of Amaterasu herself, are enshrined here.
Charge: Entry to the grounds is free (Okushoin Garden 300yen) 

◆Hieizan Enryakuji Temple
A temple globally renowned for its 1200 years of history and tradition, in 1994 Enryakuji became a registered UNESCO World Heritage site. From New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day both the Okuhiei and Hieizan Driveways remain open all night, allowing you to drive through from the city and see the first sunrise of the New Year from Hieizan.
One charge for admittance to the East Tower, West Tower and Yokawa: Adult 700yen, junior and high school student 500yen, elementary school student 300yen
◆Tsukubusuma-jinja Shrine (Chikubushima-jinja Shrine)
A shrine located on the mysterious Chikubushima Island, and known as one of the three major shrines in Japan enshrining Benzaiten. It is visited not only on the first day of the New Year but also throughout the year by many worshippers, and is popular as a spiritual power spot.
Charge: Free (Island entry charge: Adult 400yen, child 300yen)