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Mar. 2018

Spring Festivals in Shiga

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【Sanno Festival】Apr. 12 ~ 14
Sanno Festival, one of the three big festivals of Shiga, takes place at Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine for over a month and half, beginning on March 1st. The main attraction runs from April 12 to 14. The Umanojinji ritual, in which two portable shrines, representing the marriage between two gods, are brought down from Mt. Ushio on the 12th. The Yoimiya Otoshi ritual, where portable shrines are rocked vigorously to simulate gods being born is on the 13th. The Awazu-no-Goku ritual, in which seven portable shrines are loaded onto a boat to cross a portion of Lake Biwa is on the 14th. This Shinto festival is both dynamic and spectacular.

Place:Around Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine 5-1-1 Sakamoto, Otsu City
Access:20 min. walk from JR Kosei Line Hieizan-sakamoto Sta. or,5 min. from Keihan Sakamoto Sta.
Contact:Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine TEL:077−578−0009

【Nagahama Hikiyama Festival】Apr 9 ~ 16 (every year)
Nagahama Hikiyama Festival is one of the three largest float festivals in Japan as well as one of the three big festivals of Shiga, and has been designated one of the nation's intangible folklore cultural assets. The children’s kabuki theater, performed by 5 to 12 years old boys on the night of the 13th, morning of the 14th and throughout the days of the 15th and 16th, astounds adults and captivates entire audiences. The parade of the child actors in costume on the night of the 14th and all the four Hikiyama floats illuminated by lanterns on the night of the 15th are a sight to see.

Place:Around Nagahama City 10 min. walk from JR Biwako Line Nagahama Sta.
Contact:Nagahama city Tourism Promotion Division
TEL:0749-65-6521 FAX:0749-64-0396

【Kusatsu Post Town Festival】Apr 26 around 10:00~19:30
Kusatsu Post Town Festival is one of the main spring events in Shiga. It is the 48th festival this year and nearly 80,000 people visit every year. The main attraction is the Procession of the Age where people in exquisite costumes strolls through the beautiful historic town. With local gourmet foods, stage performances by local participants and more, the festival continues to expand.

Place:Near 1 Kusatsu, Kusatsu City
Along previous Tokaido and Nakasendo routes, and around Kusatsu City Office.
Access:10 min. walk from JR Biwako Line Kusatsu Sta.
Contact:Kusatsu Post Town Festival Executive Committee(Kusatsu City Tourism Association)
TEL:077-566-3219 FAX:077-561-2486