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Jul. 2017

Shigaraki Ceramics Festival

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October each year sees the Shigaraki Ceramics Festival held in Shigaraki, the town of ceramics. Spot sales and exhibitions of Shigaraki-yaki are held, attracting ceramics lovers from around the world. Alongside the ceramics, you'll also find booths selling regional produce and local cuisine.

■Shigaraki Ceramics General Exhibition
The "Shigaraki Ceramics Festival" is a highlight in the calendars of all ceramics fans.
The Shigaraki Ceramics General Exhibition, held in the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park's Exhibition Hall of Industrial Ceramics, provides a wonderful chance to come into contact with the culture of ceramics.

■Spot Sale
A spot sale is held in a special venue in the vicinity of the Shigaraki Chiiki Shimin Center. Take this opportunity to find a new favorite piece!

[Date]October 7~ 9 2017, 9:00 - 17:00
[Place]Special Venue in the vicinity of Koka City Office Shigaraki Chiiki Shimin Center
   Shigaraki Ceramics General Exhibition: Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park's Exhibition Hall of Industrial Ceramics
[Access]3 min. on foot from Shigaraki Kougen Railway Shigaraki Station