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Apr. 2017

Enjoy Shiga Sightseeing from a Boat!

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Shiga Prefecture is often called "the land of water." How about enjoying some sightseeing from one of a selection of cruise boats?

Experience a cruise down the Setagawa River from a roofed boat while enjoying a meal made using the finest Shiga ingredients.

■Lakewest Tourism
Hop aboard a retro paddle steamer and enjoy a range of historic and cultural spots, including Ishiyama-dera Temple and Seta no Karahashi Bridge.

■Biwako Kisen
Offers a variety of cruise plans, including the Michigan Cruise around the south of Lake Biwa, a complete circuit of the lake, and a cruise to Chikubushima island.

■Omi Tetsudo
Take a cruise around the mysterious islands of Lake Biwa, including Chikubushima and Takeshima.

■Duck Tour
Explore Kohoku and the lake from an amphibious bus. A cheerful guide will lead the tour and point out places of interest.