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Feb. 2017

Hino Festival

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The traditional spring festival of Umami Okawatamuki-jinja Shrine, this is the largest festival in Hino with a history dating back more than 800 years.
It is held across May 2 and 3 every year. On the evening of May 2 "hikiyama" floats are dragged out into the streets across the town, their lanterns lighting up the night and setting the tone for a wonderful festival atmosphere.
During the main event on May 3, the Shinchosha and Kamiko who oversee the festival start their procession from early in the morning, and by noon dozens of floats from around the town are thronging within the shrine grounds. Three portable Mikoshi shrines also join the festivities, and for the entire day Hino is completely taken over by the festival.

Day Held:2017 May 2, evening - 22:00, May 3 8:00 - 20:00
Access:Take a bus from Ohmi Railway Hino Station, 3 min. on foot after alighting at "Mukomachi" bus stop
Location Held:Umami Okawatamuki-jinja Shrine, 711 Murai, Hino Town, Gamogun, Shiga