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Feb. 2017

Finding Fireflies!

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Blessed with beautifully clean air and water, taking in the sight of fireflies dancing in the night has become a summer tradition in Shiga.
Moriyama City and Maibara City both hold events related to fireflies.

Moriyama has long been known as region where Luciola "Japanese fireflies" gather,
and during the Taisho period (1912 - 1926) it was designated the first Natural Monument in Japan.
During the flying season at the end of May, you can see fireflies even close to the station.
Best Time for Viewing:Late May - early June
Access:A free shuttle bus departs from Moriyama Station to the firefly viewing spot (only during the period of the event)

The "Heavenly River Firefly Festival" is held in early June, during which you can watch Luciola "Japanese fireflies" dancing over the Amanogawa River.
Firefly lanterns are also placed along the walk routes in the vicinity of the venue, allowing the viewing of illusory firefly dances.
Best Time for Viewing:Early June - mid June
Access:5 min. on foot from JR Omi-Nagaoka Station