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Dec. 2016

Shiga Regional Cuisine

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If you're visiting Shiga, don't miss out on the regional delicacies on offer!

Funazushi is a type of preserved food with more than 1000 years of history in Shiga. It has even been registered by the Prefecture as an Intangible Folk Culture Asset. Salted crucian carp is mixed with rice and slowly pickled, allowing it to ferment, which creates a unique fragrance akin to fermented beans or cheese.

[Duck Dishes]
Winter time in Shiga brings ducks to Lake Biwa, providing a chance to sample duck hotpot containing tofu, onions and other vegetables. Ducks have plenty of fat in order to make it through the cold winter, and these dishes are characterized by the firm texture and fatty sweetness of the meat.

[Omi Beef]
Shiga is blessed with a rich natural environment and plentiful water, and the Japanese Black cattle that have been reared here the longest are known as Omi Beef. Characterized by their high ratio of marbling, the meat has a mellow fragrance and soft tenderness, so delicious as to just melt in your mouth.

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