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Dec. 2016

Tsuchiyama Saio Princess Procession

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In the Heian Period (794 - 1185), the Saio (Princess) travelled from Heian-kyo (modern Kyoto) to Ise in order to become a priestess at the shrine there.
The Saio made this long journey seated in a palanquin called an "Oyoyo" and accompanied by a couple of hundred retainers, making it more than worthy of the name "procession."
This epic journey is now recreated by the "Tsuchiyama Saio Princess Procession."
It includes a traditional ceremony performed by the Princess and a dance by her female retainers, and takes place between Ono Elementary School and the remains of Tarumisaiotongu.

[Date] March 19 , 2017 11:30 - 16:00
[Location Held] Tsuchiyama Town, between Ono Elementary School and the remains of Tarumisaiotongu
[Access] 25 min. by bus from JR Kibukawa Station, 3 min. on foot after alighting at "Ono Higashiguchi"