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Nov. 2016

Yoshibuki Gallery Yuraku Japanese Tea Brewing Classroom

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Yoshibuki Gallery Yuraku, located in a 250-year-old house, also holds a regular "Japanese Tea Brewing Classroom." Led by a Japanese tea instructor, the intent is to allow tourists who love Japan to experience more of traditional Japanese culture for themselves.
The classroom has proven popular not only with those visiting from overseas but also Japanese people, and brings satisfaction to both those visiting Japan for the first time and those have been here many times.
After the class you will be given an original tea cup made by the ceramics studio in which the class is held, along with some carefully selected Japanese tea leaves, allowing you to relive this wonderful experience and also drink some healthy Japanese tea even after returning home.
Take this opportunity to experience Japanese culture for yourself.

■Charges: Starting from 48,000yen (Including souvenirs such as original tea cup, tea leaves etc.)
■Required Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
■Other Details: Classroom times: 13:00 - 14:30 (separate from Gallery opening times)