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Oct. 2016

Taga Taisha Shrine Okinahajimeshiki

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"The ""Okinahajime"" is held on January 3 each year at Taga Taisha Shrine. It marks the first time in the new year that Noh is performed on the shrine's stage, with Noh and Kyogen performances wishing for peace and a good harvest.
The music danced to is called ""Okina,"" and this has led to the ceremony being called ""Okinahajime"" or ""first Okina"" at Taga Taisha Shrine since ancient times.
Dedicatory performances are made by the Shigeyama Group in the Okura style of Kyogen, and the Katayama Group in the Kanze style of Noh, with masks used from the Taga Taisha Shrine collection.
On the day, a variety of other performances are also dedicated from the Noh stages in the grounds."

Date: January 3, from 11:00
Address: 604 Taga, Taga Town, Inukami District, Shiga
Access: 10 min. on foot from Ohmi Railway Taga Taisha Mae Station