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Nov. 2016

40th Lake Biwa Crossing

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An event held around the end of November and start of December each year, and involving crossing the stunning natural environment of Lake Biwa using the wind that blows across it from west to east.
20 hot air balloons fly over the lake, racing to reach Nodogawa on the opposite bank over the course of about one hour.
This event is popular with balloon lovers from across Japan, and the number of tourists thronging the shores of the lake in order to see the colorful balloons in flight has also increased each year. Some years you can even experience going up in a balloon yourself!

【Date】December 3~4, 2016 early morning from around 6:30
【Pleace】Omi-Shirahama Beach (take-off point), Adogawa-cho, Takashima City, Shiga