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Jul. 2016

Pottery Wheel Ceramics Experience!

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The two Mizuguki-yaki studios allow you to experience making ceramics using a pottery wheel.
Why not make your own unique piece?
With locations in the popular sightseeing spots of Nagahama and Omi-Hachiman, this is the perfect way to create a memento of your visit. Even better, so long as there's an open seat you can take part at any time!
*Large groups require prior registration.

<<Electric Pottery Wheel Course>>
Use an electric pottery wheel and the results could very well look completely professional! Backed up with support from a skilled instructor, even beginners can get in on the action.

<<Manual Pottery Wheel Course>> Create whatever piece you like while using a pottery wheel driven by hand. Make something unique and completely your own!

■Togei no Sato
[Capacity] 400 people

[Capacity] 80 people