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Jun. 2016

Omi Jingu Shrine Kimono Wearing Experience

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Omi Jingu Shrine is also known as the shrine of Karuta, a Japanese card game, and is the site of numerous competitive tournaments. You can even rent and wear Japanese-style outfits, kimono and hakama based on the popular Karuta-themed comic and anime "Chihayafuru."
The kimono are designed to be easy to put on alone, even for a first-time wearer, and with a wide range of colors and patterns you can choose exactly the one that suits you.
There are also clothes for men and children to wear, allowing families and friends to all enjoy the experience together.

【Location of Reception】Omi Jingu Shrine, Lobby of the Clock Museum
【Usage Charges】JPY1000
【Time Allowed】9:30 - 15:30 (Closed on regular Mondays)
【Other Details】
・Please return the kimono within one hour.
・You are free to enjoy walking around the grounds and taking photos. (*You may only walk around the grounds of Omi Jingu Shrine)
・Parties of 10 people or more require a prior reservation.