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Jun. 2016

Experience Rural Life in Shiga

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How about experiencing a home-stay or life in a farming village amid the rich nature of Shiga?
You're sure to experience something that can only be found here.

■Koka City Countryside Experience

Koka City offers a "Countryside Experience in the Koka Ninja Village," aimed at educational trips (school trips, outside activities) and allowing junior high and high school students to experience life in agricultural villages and home-stays.


■Higashi Omi City Countryside Experience

In Higashi Omi City you can experience traditional family businesses, cooking, planting and harvesting.
Warm interaction with the household that takes you in will provide a precious experience that you can't get in the city.


■Omi Hino Countryside Experience

Requests for educational trips, training trips and just simple visits are proactively accepted.
The Omi Hino Countryside Experience is also open to the general public.
You can experience life in an agricultural village and a home-stay.