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May. 2016

Firefly Viewing Place in Shiga 

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■Moriyama Hotaru Park and Walk■
19 May~27 May 2018

Approx. 3 km walk from Moriyama Institute of Firefly's Woods to Moriyama station is set up for firefly viewing. It is a feature of early summer in Moriyama. There are various events taking place during the festival.

【Place】  Around Moriyama Institute of Firefly's Woods and various venues across Moriyama City ,
     10 Miyakecho, Moriyama
     Take a free shuttle from the rotary at the west exit of the Moriyama sta. (JR Biwako Line)
【Inquiry】 Moriyama Hotaru Park and Walk Executive Committee
【TEL】  077-583-8686
【FAX】  077-558-5007

■ Amano River Firefly Festival■
1st Jun ~13 2018 Scheduled from shortly after 7:30 pm

You can encounter many flying Luciola near the Amano River during the festival. During this time, lanterns will be installed along the walkway around the venue. Viewing spots offer you a view of the astral dance of the fireflies. Enjoy the soft glow of fireflies in the dark. (Fireflies emerge generally from the beginning to the middle of June. )

【Place】 Around Nagaoka, Maibara ,
     5 min. walk from the Omi-Nagaoka Sta. (JR Tokaido Main Line)
【Inquiry】 Maibara City Amano River Firefly Festival Executive Committee Secretariat
     (Within Maibara City Commerce and Tourism Division)
【TEL】  0749-58-2227
【FAX】  0749-58-1197