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May. 2016

Famous Spots For Wisteria in Shiga

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■Sandai Shrine■
the end of April ~ the beginning of May

It is said that the trees were planted to pray for the prosperity of the Fujiwara family who was serving as Regent. After they burnt down in battle with Oda Nobunaga, they bloomed from the root again. It is a wisteria floribunda and since the ears can be as long as 2m, the trees are called “sand scuffing wisteria”. Once bloomed, beautiful purple flowers attract many visitors. Together with the wisterias at nearby Shina Shrine (Shinacho, Kusatsu) and Soja Shrine (Shinanakacho, Kusatsu), it is also known as three local wisteria groves in Shina.

【Address】 309 Shinacho, Kusatsu
【Access】 10 min. bus ride from the Kusatsu sta. (JR Biwako Line) to “Kitaogaya”.
      The Shrine is another 7 min. walk from the bus stop.
【Contact】 Kusatsu City Tourism Association TEL:077-566-3219 FAX:077-566-3219

■Shoho-ji Temple (Wisteria Temple)■
the beginning of May~Mid of May

A dazzling wisteria tree over 300 years old resides by the main hall. The pendulous racemes can be longer than 1 meter and the best season is mid-May. The tree, also known as Gokofuji (Glory Wisteria) has 5 stems and the beautiful flowers fill the trellis in season. It is believed that Zen master, Duzen, who established the temple transplanted the seeding from Kyoto in the Edo period.

【Address】 2145 Kaigake, Hino
【Access】 30 min. bus ride from the Ohmi Railway Hino station to “Kaigake”.
      The temple is another 10 min. from the bus stop.
【Contact】 Hino Town Tourist Association TEL:0748-52-6577 FAX:0748-52-6017