Hatsumoude in Chikubujima Island


It was a really great experience.
When I was move to Shiga, I've desired to go to Chikubujima Island from bottom of my heart.

Chikubushima is a tiny island and located north of Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture.
It takes around 20 minutes by ferry from Imazu Port in Takashima city, and it it a Shiga's hidden sacred place.


I went to Chikubujima as a Hatsumoude on 2nd January, 2018.
Hatsumode is the first visit made to a shrine or temple at the start of the year, to pray for happiness in the year ahead.
So, I felt it is perfect to go to Chikubujima Island as a Hatsumoude.


In Chikubujima Island, you can find both Hogonji Temple and Tsukubusuma-jinja Shrine.
The Benzaiten (Sarasvati) at Hogonji Temple is known as one of the three best in Japan.
The gabled karamon gate at Hogonji Temple is said to be only remaining piece of Hideyoshi's Osaka-jo Castle, and it is a registered national treasure alongside the main shrine at Tsukubusuma-jinja Shrine.


Since ancient times, this island's God has also been worshipped for providing safe passage for travel across water.
Recetly, the island is now widely known as one of the most powerful spots for spiritual energy on Lake Biwa, and is a place to truly experience water and prayer.


If you have any strongly desired wish, you shoud try to kawarake-nage at Ryujin (Dragon God) haisho.


The Ryujin Haisho means you can see (or meet) to Dragon God here. Here is most strong energy you can feel.

Hope my wish will come true within 2018....


More information about Chikubujima island : https://en.biwako-visitors.jp/spot/detail/2472

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Chikubujima Offcial website : http://www.chikubushima.jp/e_origin