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Tsuchiyama Saio Princess Procession

  • Koka & Shigaraki
  • Spring

In the Heian Period (794 - 1185), the Saio (Princess) travelled from Heian-kyo (modern Kyoto) to Ise in order to become a priestess at the shrine there. The Saio made this long journey seated in a palanquin called an "Oyoyo" and was accompanied by a couple hundred retainers, making it more than worthy of the name “procession.” This epic journey is now recreated by the "Tsuchiyama Saio Princess Procession."

Date Sunday in Late March
Place Koka City
Access Public transportation
JR Kusatsu Line Kibukawa Station 25 min. by bus
3 min. on foot after alighting at "Ono Higashiguchi"