Lake East[Fall Leaves Information] Hikone-jo Castle

[Fall Leaves Information] Hikone-jo Castle

One of the castles of Omi, the National Treasure Hikone-jo Castle has crimson leaves in fall that you simply cannot miss!

Hikone-jo Castle was built around 400 years ago. There are currently only 12 castles in Japan with their castle towers still remaining, of which four are National Treasures. After undergoing repairs no less than five times since its construction, Hikone-jo Castle remains today as glorious as it ever was.



This bold castle made it safely through the Meiji period (1868-1912) Ordinance for Disposal of Castles and the fires of war. Taking it all in alongside the wonderful crimson leaves is almost too much!


Taking a boat along the moat of Hikone-jo Castle and viewing the leaves that way is also highly recommended!
Experience what it must have felt like to be a feudal lord on the water! Truly a luxurious moment of complete relaxation!


The castle is also illuminated each year during the fall leaves season. The castle tower and stone wall around the inner moat create a space of artistic beauty amid the silence of the night!



Enjoy the beautiful leaves reflected in the lake and Hikone-jo Castle rising with dignity from the darkness!

Spot Name
Hikone-jo Castle
Illumination Period
October 21 - December 10 2018
Illumination Times
Vicinity of Hikone-jo Castle
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