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[Fall Leaves Information] Chojyuji Temple

Chojyuji Temple is one of the three mountains of Konan. It's name means "long life," highly auspicious, and it has the longest history of the three, as well as being designated as a National Treasure.


The first thing you see upon arrival is the path to the main temple, surrounded by trees with their leaves changing, creating a wonderful carpet of crimson!


There are all sorts of cute decorations everywhere to welcome visitors!


Along the pathway you'll even see small Jizo statues wearing charming aprons!
Apparently the aprons were made by the wife of the Chief Priest. It really is such a heartwarming scene!


The main temple at Chojyuji Temple is also something of a treasure-trove of history, housing a feretory of Kasuga that is a National Treasure along with many other Important Cultural Properties. After taking in these remarkable treasures, enjoy a stroll through the beauty of the leaves!


Spot Name
Chojyuji Temple Tour of the Three Mountains of Konan
November 11- 30 2018 (Visits during this period do not require an appointment to be made)
Admission Times
Admission Fee
Adults 500 yen, Junior High School Students 300 yen, Elementary School Students Free (when accompanied by an adult)
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