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[Fall Leaves Information] Tarobogu Shrine

Tarobogu Shrine is located about halfway up the 350m high Mt. Akagamiyama, and is known by the nickname "Tarobo-san" in Japanese. Said to have been founded around 1,400 years ago, it is connected to victory and good luck.


The cherry blossoms are beautiful in springtime, but the crimsons leaves of fall don't give any ground!
The mountain trees take on beautiful colors, striking an incredible feeling of presence amid the calm rural landscape.


The name of the god enshrined at Tarobogu Shrine includes the meaning "A true victory, I have won. Like the rising of the morning sun, I have achieved victory with grace and with speed," representing victory, and this has brought many people to the shrine over the years in order to receive its blessings and good luck.


Even today, many athletes, businessmen and women come to receive those same blessings!
The charms sold here that will support you during critical moments are also very popular!


Spot Name
Tarobogu Shrine
Fall Leaves Period
Around mid November - around early December