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[Fall Leaves Information] Zensuiji Temple

Zensuiji Temple is surrounded by nature in the middle of Mt. Iwanesan, allowing you to enjoy clear and fresh mountain air!

As one would expect from a spot famous for fall foliage, incredibly beautiful crimson leaves decorate the temple grounds. Many visitors take a tour of the three mountains of Konan in order to see these incredible colors!


The solid main temple is a designated National Treasure, and contains a large selection of wonderful Buddhist statues from the Tempyo period (710-794) through to the Heian period (794 - 1185).


There is also a traditional Japanese garden at the side of the main temple, with unique placement of stones and trees perfectly representing the ancient "wabi-sabi" aesthetic sense in Japanese art that emphasizes quiet simplicity!


The spiritual water that wells up here is said to have healed the sickness of Emperor Kanmu, and is even reflected in the Japanese name of the temple!


How about taking in wonderful crimson leaves in a place of water with mysterious powers?

Spot Name
Zensuiji Temple Tour of the Three Mountains of Konan
November 11- 30 2018
Admission Times
Admission Fee
Adults 500 yen, Junior High School Students 300 yen, Elementary School Students Free (when accompanied by an adult)
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