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[Fall Leaves Information] Saimyoji Temple

Saimyoji Temple is one of the three mountains of Koto, and is a spot where you can enjoy both crimson leaves and cherry blossoms at the same time!


The fudanzakura cherry trees planted in the grounds generally start to blossom in early September and reach full bloom in November, allowing you to enjoy some out-of-season blossom viewing!


A wonderful view from the stone steps on the path to the temple!


Continue onward and you'll come to a huge tree!
Called the "Sennen Meotosugi", this 1000 year old tree has mysterious power for luck in relationships and becoming pregnant!
During your visit make sure to place your hand gently on the trunk or roots!


Then pass through the Nitenmon, an Important Cultural Property, and the main temple comes into view.


The thatched roof main temple has a regal presence, thrilling all who see it!



You'll be surrounded by beautiful crimson leaves everywhere in the grounds.

There's even a shuttle bus that goes between the three mountains of Koto, making it the perfect day out!

Spot Name
Saimyoji Temple
Best Time for Fall Leaves
In general, mid November - late November
Admission Times
Admission Fee
Adults 600 yen, Junior High School Students 300 yen, Elementary School Students 200 yen
Shuttle Bus Information