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[Fall Leaves Information] Saikyo-ji Temple

Saikyo-ji Temple is said to have been founded by Prince Shotoku, and is the head of the Tendai Shinsei Sect, which has more than 450 branch temples across Japan. It's also a famous spot to view the fall leaves, bringing in visitors from across Japan during the fall season.


Start by passing through the gate and a gentle slope leads up toward the main temple. The colorful leaves along both sides of the path are stunningly beautiful!3.jpg

Continue on your way and eventually, from the front gate, you will get an incredible view of the lake!


Something else to look out for in the ground are all the charming monkeys!
Look closely at the roof! You'll get all sorts of cute simian surprises!


Furthermore, during the fall leaves season all the shrines and temples in the Sakamoto region, including Saikyo-ji Temple, will be brilliantly illuminated.
Enjoy the beautiful crimson leaves surrounding buildings that are historical National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties, all amid a totally different atmosphere from the daytime!


Spot Name
Saikyo-ji Temple Illuminations
Illumination Period
November 11 (Sat) - November 26 (Sun) 2017
Illumination Times
17:00~20:30 (Gates closed)