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[Fall Leaves Information] Mii-dera Temple (Onjoji Temple)

Onjoji Temple, popularly known as Mii-dera Temple, is a temple with a long and rich history, as well as housing close to 100 National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties.


The first thing you'll encounter is the main Nitenmon gate of Onjoji Temple.

The bright red maple trees are extremely beautiful!


Once you pass through the Nitenmon gate and proceed along the path, the Kondo comes into view. It's like a tunnel of crimson leaves!

Opposite the Kondo there is an old cedar tree of more than one thousand years, known as the "Tengusugi". This tree is part of an old legend claiming that a monk training at the temple became a Tengu, a legendary creature often depicted with a large nose, in the space of a single night, and then flew away from this very tree.


Pass through the maple tunnel and reach the Kannondo and you can enjoy looking out over all of Lake Biwa!


There are also illuminations at night!

Spot Name
Mii-dera Temple Illuminations
Best Time for Fall Leaves
In general, mid November - early December
Illumination Period
November 17 (Fri) - November 26 (Sun) 2017
Illumination Times
Admission Fee
Adults 600 yen, Junior & High School Students 300 yen, Elementary School Students 200 yen