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[Fall Leaves Information] Genkyu-en Garden

The Genkyu-en Garden was created in 1677 by Naooki Ii, fourth head of the Ii clan, and attracts many visitors each year as a modern example of a garden from the start of the Edo period (1603 - 1868).
As Hikone-jo Castle is right next door, many people visit along with Hikone-jo Castle.


When the leaves are at their most beautiful each year the Genkyu-en Garden is also illuminated.
In the traditional path-around-a-pond style garden, each of the famous spots are given names such as "Fish Jumping Pond", and show a variety of different aspects depending on where you view them from.


The sight of the red and yellow trees reflecting on the surface of the water is sure to move you deeply!
Illusory and romantic, it's also a great spot for a date!


Of course, the leaves are also incredibly beautiful during the day!
The atmosphere is completely different during the daytime than it is at night! Take the opportunity to enjoy them both!

Spot Name
Genkyu-en Garden Illuminations
Illumination Period
November 18 (Sat) - December 3 (Sun) 2017
Illumination Times
18:00 - 21:00 (Admission until 20:30)
Adults: 700 yen / Elementary & Junior High School Students: 350 yen