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[Fall Leaves Information] Omi Kohoan Temple

Omi Kohoan Temple is the spot for fall leaves among those in the know in the Kohoku region.
The leaves in the garden are particularly wonderful, spreading like a beautiful painting around you.


Omi Kohoan Temple sits quietly in the mountains of Nagahama City.
Proceed along the nature-lined path from the entryway and you'll come to the mountain gate.


Pass through the gate and the beautifully tended grounds will spread before you.
In front of you is the main temple. There are also two gardens at Omi Kohoan Temple that are prefectural places of Scenic Beauty. One is a path-around-a-pond style garden based on the Eight Views of Omi, and the other is a traditionally simple Japanese rock garden.


Usually from around mid November to early December the leaves on the maple trees in each of these characteristic gardens turn a brilliant red, bringing joy to all who visit them!


Sit on the green verge, relax and take in the rock garden! A luxurious space in which you'll hear only the sounds of nature. This isn't something you can experience in the city!

Spot Name
Omi Kohoan Temple
Best Time for Fall Leaves
In general, mid November - late November
Admission Fee
300 yen